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Lazy Easter and leaving our home

Moving out of 132 Stemwinder Drive

sunny 7 °C

Saturday 11th April - pleasant (not that we saw any of it)

After our fun and money spending in Fernie, we needed a day of relaxing, organising and not spending any money. We started packing away some of our stuff ready for the move out next week. Christian also did some more work looking into universities in Australia. He has narrowed down a shortlist of about 8 courses across 4 universities in Sydney and now knows all the details about them and the application process. Chris may look into some Melbourne unis as well, but maybe once we get home to the UK.

Sunday 12th April - fresh and sunny

After another morning of laundry, tidying and packing things away I started going a little stir crazy. At 3 I told Christian that I had to get out soon or I was going to explode all over the house I had just cleaned. He very wisely agreed we ought to take a break, so we went for a walk to the Marysville falls.

Mark Creek

Marysville is a small town that neighbours Kimberley and in between the two is a river with a waterfall. It had been mentioned to us before, but this was the first occasion where we had found the time to check it out. With the temperatures rising, the falls had thawed and spring run-off was pouring over the rocks.

Marysville Falls

I chose to take the scenic (and slightly dangerous) route and instead of sticking to the fenced off path clambered over the rocks in the river and peered over the edge of the big falls. Again we climbed down off the beaten track on the other side of the falls to get a better view. Then I found a good route back; up a very steep bank, through wood chip, with a bit of a cliff below. “Just hang on to the trees” I told Christian. After all I’d feel pretty bad if he fell off a cliff following me.

Getting the best view

Monday 13th April

Today was pretty relaxed. We did some chores and lots of catching up on the travel blog, but nothing too strenuous. Thinking the truck was pretty much a done deal, we texted Leo to say he could have it, but, horror of horrors, he can't buy it. Aagghh this could be a big problem!! That will keep us busy tomorrow.

Tuesday 14th April - fresh and sunny but snowed at night

So today our first chore was to attempt to sell the truck: we spoke to dealerships, updated our posters round town with a better price, put a clearer sign on the truck, spoke to people we saw and made a group on Facebook. Hopefully we can sort it out with one of these avenues! If there are no other offers, one of the dealerships said they can sell it on our behalf.

This evening Jackie came over for dinner and 2 movies. She too has been packing up her home but also has done some job hunting and so was very happy to crack open a bottle of red wine with me. Jackie also kindly fixed the holes in the wall from our antlers; it’s good to know a carpenter (especially one that is also awesome at cooking peanut butter-based treats).

Wednesday 15th April - very sunny morning but barely went outside

Today was filled with more tidying and packing and so as a treat, Christian, Jackie and I agreed that if we got a decent amount done, we would drive to Cranbrook in the evening and go to the cinema. So at about 6:30pm we ventured out of the house for only the third time since Saturday and bought tickets to "I love you, man". As we are currently unemployed, we couldn't justify buying Easter eggs for each other, but bought a huge bag of Mini Eggs for us all to eat at the cinema seeing as they are now half price. When the film was over we were all still quite awake and it was only 9:20 and so in a moment of wreckless abandon we snuck into the other screen and watched Fast and Furious as well. Both films were really good, one super funny and the other full of action, and a bargain at only 4 bucks a show.

Thursday 16th April - sunny and warm

The back of our house, spring has arrived

With the packing and cleaning pretty much done we had some time on our hands today. We did a quick food shop at Overwaitea so we can make a massive spag bol tonight to last us for the next few days. Then this afternoon we went for a walk behind our house. It was bright and sunny and all the snow is melting, making the ground all soggy and getting into our shoes. Again I took us on a strange route through the trees and snow, climbing up banks and getting us even wetter. But it did the job of providing us with some daylight and exercise before getting back to chores.

On our walk

Christian has got me addicted to an online game called the missile game, so whenever I am meant to be checking my e-mails or writing travel blog, he keeps hearing the familiar theme tune and sees my head ducking and weaving behind my computer screen as I try to guide my missle through a chamber of moving holes. He's no better as he is constantly playing line rider, and that has no music so he probably gets away with it far more often.

Friday 17th April

Today we finished off the last bits of packing and cleaning that couldn't have been done before. Laundry done, bathroom cleaned and all our food boxed up for our travels. In the evening we did yet more movies with Jackie (Eagle vs Shark – very silly, from New Zealand, need I say more) and she made us peanut butter brownies to take with us on our road trip, super yum!

Tonight we spent our last night in our Kimberley home. We will miss this place.

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