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Can a binbag cape increase ones rate of acceleration?

The week the snow came !

snow -8 °C

Monday 26th January 2009: overcast and chilly

No lessons today for most of the crew, it is very quiet on the hill. Christian has developed a sore back somehow and his muscles are all knotted. We spent the day free riding with Vaughan and Eric and I was practicing my 180's. They are looking miles better. Chris took a tumble, nothing serious, but enough to hurt his achey back and so we chilled out in the afternoon and headed home early to make some rice krispie squares. Sticky but satisfying!!

Tuesday 27th January 2009: snow at last!!!

As usual the morning started early with a session and today we covered carving and ASTs (advanced sliding turns). I was particularly pleased about this as it will be part of our level 2 exam and I had asked if we could cover it some time. I love carving and for some reason have not felt as strong at it here in Kimberley as I did in Fernie. But after a couple of runs practicing, I could feel it coming back. ASTs were one of the things that everyone found a challenge last year and is one of the hardest bits of the level 2 exam, and so I was reassured by the positive feedback we all got from Liana and some helpful hints for us all to perfect them in the coming weeks. Christian still aches whenever he sits down or does up his bindings and Liana was looking out for him in the session. She even undid his bindings for him at the bottom of the hill. That's the sign of a really great boss!!

Off for a rest before lessons started only to find there was no hot chocolate! This better just be a one off. We wouldn't be able to cope with out our free warm-up beverages every day. I had lessons all afternoon and was overjoyed to see that there was white stuff tumbling out of the sky. Snow! That's what it is, I remember it now. At long last!

As well as the Fondue tour, the ski hill also runs another snowshoe tour called the Downhill Descent, where you ride up on the last lift of the day and then walk (well mostly slide) down the face of the mountain. Today was the first time that a Downhill had been run and was solely for those of us who wanted to train up as guides. Well I say train, it pretty much involved a whole bunch of instructors going out and sliding down the hill on bin bags. We did get told some information about the original mining here and even saw an old steam drill and mining shaft still on the mountain. At 30 metres deep we were intrigued to know if it might not be hazardous to passing skiiers, but apparently they stuck a load of old logs down it 10 years ago and not many people tend to ride over it, so I guess that's ok then?!!

The gang of trainee snowshoers!

Christian, Sarah and Vaughan on snoeshoes

We had a quick break from sliding around in order to eat cream puffs and drink some hot chocolate. The snow had continued to fall all throughout the day and by the time we were done sliding around a good 8 inches of fresh pow was blanketing the ground. Phil, one of the skiers and an ex-army hardnut, took this as an opportunity to launch himself face first off every steep drop at about 100 miles an hour. He hit several bumps and went flying off them with nothing more than a thin sheet of black plastic to protect himself. It was loads of fun sliding around with all of our friends and miraculously Christian's back was feeling better so he had managed to enjoy the evening too.

The fast way down the slopes

Bin Boy!

Wednesday 28th January: no more snow

Tonight, we had organised to have dinner at ours with Chelsea, wife of fellow instructor Trevor, who has left town for about a month to help out with a project back home. As it happened Chelsea got a surprise influx of guests of her own and when her brother and 3 cousins turned up on her doorstep she turned down the offer (thankfully as I wasn't quite prepared to cook for 7!!). Fortunately around these parts free food is always warmly welcomed and so Naomi, Anna and Jackie came over instead for a hot tub and a stir-fry dinner.

Chris and Naomi enjoying the hot tub

As I needed some time to make the food I asked Chris to keep the girls entertained and ingeniously, he turned on the Playstation (which now works brilliantly for those of you who were worried about Christian having to suffer 'cold turkey' for this long) and popped in Little Big Planet. It was fab to watch all girls on the computer and made me feel far less disappointed at my own lack of skill. Controllers were being jerked left and right in the hopes of making something move, squarks of terror and hysteria eminated from the sofa as I grilled my chicken and poor little Sackboys were burnt alive in their hundreds as the girls failed to jump over streams of molten magma. The difficulty came after dinner when I had to try and tear them away from the screen to go and meet the others at the pub. Christian is breeding up a whole new generation of female computer addicts!

LBP goes down well with the girls

Drinks at the Edge

After shoehorning the controllers out of their hands we were all in the car and heading to the Edge, our standard Wednesday night haunt. We met up with Chelsea and her rellies and grabbed us a jug of Winchester. Some of the others were round the pool table and Aussie Chris was starting to look (and sound) a little worse for wears. Stopping to watch his pool playing ability and other general motor skills deteriorate, we had a good laugh at his drunken comments and actions before heading home to bed.

Thursday 29th January: nothing to write home about

Well, the lessons are getting busier and we only had three instructors on for most of the day so Christian, Dan and I were working solid all day and some of the night! Yup, a new lady has joined the Ladies night we have running and Christian has been asked to teach her for the next 4 Thursday evenings.

During the week we are finding that the number of school classes are ramping up. These tend to be at 9:30 and 10:30 in the morning, last for one hour and are generally, moderately to extremely horrific compared to normal lessons. This is for several reasons:
a) they are first thing in the morning when you are just waking up and are the lessons are usually back to back
b) school children and there parents appear to have a complete disregard for timeliness
c) regardless of how many little cherubs you are given to teach you are only every paid a flat rate of $13.50
d) the little cherubs are rarely little cherubs

A typical example of crazy school lessons

Here is a taster of the things we have to deal with in addition to trying to teach these youngsters how to snowboard.
- Kids who decide they want to learn on their brothers snowboard, despite the fact that their brother is 16, 6 foot and overweight whilst they are 6, 3 foot and malnourished.
- The pack mentality of young school children to follow you everywhere unless having directly been told, within the previous 5 seconds, to "Wait here" or "Please don't hurl yourself down this hill to join me with no knowledge of how to snowboard".
- 8 kids who simultaneously tell you that they can't do up their bindings, there boots are too tight, they can't get their gloves back on and their goggles have slid off their helmet and are crushing their eyeballs!
- "Helpful" parents who don't listen to any of the instruction you have provided to the children and so point them in the wrong direction, give them incorrect advice or get onto the magic carpet so close behind them that they crush the child as they fall onto them at the top. This is marginally better than the parents of young skiiers who can often be seen clotheslining toddlers as they come hurtling down the slopes.
- Kids who's last form of exercise was standing up from the sofa to find the remote control before wolfing down 50 McDonalds Happy Meals, deciding that the only way they will make it down the hill intact is to hold your wrists and then lean their entire body weight on you in the hopes that you will drag them to the bottom.

I am not bitter and many of the kids I have taught have been good fun. But if you are ever on a ski hill and see an instructor walk by with their clothes saturated, their hair stuck across their forehead, pink cheeks and a distant look of despair in their eyes, smile and be kind, they have probably just taken a school group!

Friday 30th January: average

Another busy day teaching. I started off with my "Ladies day" lesson, with 2 middle aged ladies who are a real laugh. They are competent riders and we are working on fine tuning their ability so they can ride faster and on steeper terrain. They are great fun as they ask plenty of questions and really notice the difference the exercises have on their riding, which is obviously encouraging! From 11:30am Chris and I both had 3 hours of lessons with the same students and despite having a problem remembering names, Christian found it easy to recall his student, Luc Pickard.

Chefs at work

In the evening, Adrian and Naomi had invited us over for a Mexican night at theirs. The food was delicious and plentiful and so was the red wine and tequila daquaris (yes Christian was DD and not me, whoopeee). Anali had drawn on a very convincing bandido moustache and gave Jackie a less convincing French-style one.

Bandidos with burritos

Chow time

We all sat round and chatted about silly nothings all evening until the conception of our great invention "Beaver Tails". Vaughan, Christian and I decided that the best way to get down a hill would be to saw a snowboard in half and try skiing down the hill on them. Now I know you are thinking, "that's not a new idea, that is skiing", but you don't understand. We don't want to cut the board in half lengthways to form a practical ski-lengthed object, no! we want to cut them width ways so they are fat and unwieldly and you need to stand with your legs far apart just to put them next to each other. Ignoring the fact that this would also only leave half of the side cut of the edges, removing any functionality, we started to think of where we could get a board and how we'd cut it in half.

Tired, full and very satisfied that the Hispanic cuisine had inspired such an awesome new mode of downhill transportation, we headed home.

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Return to Fernie!

Fridays fondue and frontsides in fernie.

sunny -14 °C

Friday Jan 23rd:

Friday evening was our first opportunity to do a snowshoe tour on our own. The other unusual thing about this tour was that it was the first time I was doing the guiding and Sarah was doing the food preparation for real. There were two ladies who had lived in Kimberley a number of years ago and had returned for a holiday. This was lucky for me as I was worried that I was going to have to tell them lots of town history, but instead I was filled in on all of the facts.

They were both really fun and made my first attempt at guiding a tour an easy task. I'm sure they had a similar effect on Sarah, because when we got into the Kootenay Haus, the table was immaculately laid with a spread of fruit and bubbling chocolate. Not waiting to even be told once we tucked into the sweet feast, and munched down seconds too. We headed down on the lift after my pre-practiced spiel on lift safety (The only fact we were able to tell them that they didn't know, was that the lights of Kimberley look like a brontosaurus when riding down on the lift) We then walked home to a relaxing evening.

Saturday Jan 24th: -14, fresh
Time was running short and chances were slim. A decision had to be made. We were going to return to Fernie.

We have been planning on taking a road trip to some of the surrounding resorts on our days off. It was part of the reason that we bought a truck. This was our last weekend before we were occupied on weekends by guests being around. And so we decided it was time to go and see our friends in Fernie. We woke up early that morning and started the hour and a half drive in the rising sun. It was amazing to see the familiar mountains on the horizon and recognise the sights as we drove into the resort.

Sunrise on the drive to Fernie

We parked up and got ready to go rip around Fernie for the day. As we walked from the parking lot into the resort proper we wondered who the first person we would see was. We has nearly made it out of the parking lot by the time we found out.

We made a friend in Fernie last season called Joe. Joe wore a bright blue jacket and bright yellow pants, as such he was fairly noticeable on the hill. Now you will be suprised to hear that he is by no means the only person who has decided on this odd fashion choice. On a number of occations whilst riding the lift we spot people in this eye-catching combo and jokingly point and say 'Hey look its Joe'. I guess one time it had to be true. Minutes after bumping into Joe we happened upon another friend walking around in her new Fernie Instructors outfit. Taming our jelousy at their all together more stylish uniform we caught up over a hot chocolate before actually getting out and doing some snowboarding.

It was an unsual feeling to ride the familiar terrain and as the memories came rushing back we chose our route down the hill. Fernie, like Kimberley, has not had its greatest season for snow and so a number of our favourite runs were now shaped differently from how we remember, and not carpeted in the fresh powder the resort is usually famous for. We still enjoyed cruising around our old stomping grounds and hitting familiar jumps and rolls.

Entries for the cardboard derby

We were also pleasantly suprised to find out that we had chosen to visit on the day of the Cardboard Derby. The Derby consists of teams building vehicles from cardboard and sliding down one of the runs on them. The majority of the vehicles fall apart before reaching the intended target but a fair few rocketed past and took out the fence marking out the course. Sarah had seen the Derby the year before but I had missed it and so was happy to be able to watch this time round.

One contestant trying their best to win

A couple of hours later we had done some more runs, had some lunch, Sarah had slipped on Fernie's icy mountain glaze and twisted her arm and didn't fancy trying to do it a second time before the day was out. So, as the lifts wound down and the guest went home, we decided to pop into the staff room to look for the few remaining people we had not seen on the mountain.

We met up with Mike who was a good friend from the previous year and who was more than happy to go to the Griz (the local bar) for a few drinks and some Nachos. It was really interesting to catch up on his season in New Zealand and also to find out how everything operated in Fernie compared to Kimberley. Jealous of how much nicer their uniforms look and the fact they get paid for their training sessions but pleased to hear that the uniforms are in fact, really cold and we seem to get much more free stuff than them! It was also interesting to find out how the size difference in resort makes for a much less community feel. We know everyone that works on the hill in Kimberley, whether they are lift staff, instructors, waitresses or snow patrol and we all go out and socialise together, whereas is Fernie they seem pushed to recall all of ski school and have much more divided social groups.

Mike and Christian in the Griz Bar

Offering Mike a lift back to his pad earnt us a cup of tea before the journey home began. We got to check out Mike's cozy home and saw: his icy front path (you have to slide the first half with your feet jammed against the edges and run the second half to make it up the icy incline), his coloured-in Rice Krispies packet, with all the puzzles completed (spot-the-difference, mazes, you know the kind!) and the bizarely named cat that he is baby-sitting over the winter.

The cat, who's name still escapes me, is the most beloved possession of Mike's landlord who is currently in Costa Rica. And Mike has been given 100 bucks off his rent each month to keep this pampered feline in the manner to which he is accustomed. The cat is 20, with an infected eye, chronic dandruff and dredlocks a rastafarian would be proud of! He seems friendly enough and appreciated the attention of 2 new people in the house, but as the conversation got going and we settled into the sofas for our cups of tea, he obviously felt he wasn't being stroked enough. So, to regain his position as centre of attention he decided to throw up something that looked not unlike mushroom stroganoff all over one end of the sofa. If only it had smelt like mushroom stroganoff! We quickly moved ourselves into the kitchen to finish our chat and tea.

Soon after we jumped back into Troy the truck to start the long journey home in the dark, sniggering only slightly at the prospect of poor Mike cleaning up the cats latest offering (was it really worth the 100 bucks?)

Sunday Jan 25th: sunny but cold

Back in Kimberley, we decided to spend our more relaxed day off, heading up our own sunny hill to check out the sunpit. The sunpit is an unofficial, over 18's venue on the hill that can be found a stroll away from the runs, through the trees. Over the years one of the locals has taken on the role as "creator of the sunpit". It is a snowy amphitheatre, dug into the piles of powder that gather in between the trees and is used by the locals for topping up the goggle tan, stopping for a drink with friends and not too infrequently carries the herbal aromas of the true snow bums reliving their heyday of the 80's.

The Sunpit

Despite having not partaken in any kind of performance-reducing substances, the ride back down felt pretty shoddy. Like Fernie, (but thankfully not as bad) the slopes are getting harder and icier as a result of the lack of snow and I just wasn't able to get a grip with my edges as we slid back down the hill. Time for a tune up we decided and chucked the boards in for a free edge sharpening and board wax.

Sarah and Christian in the sunpit

The riding may have been over for the day, but Jackie and Chris had invited us over for dinner at Chris' family cabin in Wasa. It is half an hour's drive away in the dark, but thanks to the rubbish snow conditions the roads are pretty safe and easy to drive on. We were treated to a yummy dinner of barbequed chicken in Chris' homemade sauce and Caesar salad. We were even given a starter of bread and garlic. No not garlic bread, that's not how Jackie does things. French bread, melted camenbert and roasted whole garlics, it was delicious.

After dinner and a long chat about the state of the world (Jackie's Chris always ups the intellect level of conversations - the other 3 of us could entertain ourselves watching clips of Fonejacker and debating the merits of peanut butter M&Ms) and our conclusion was, its pretty dire, we're very happy not to be in a position of power and Kimberley seems like as good a place as any to hide out and have fun whilst the rest of the world struggles by.

For dessert we had cupcakes from Calgary. They were very tasty, lime and strawberry flavoured, and were improved by being eaten in their indoor hot tub as we watched a movie of dubious quality, called Grilled (though you wouldn't have known from the font on the DVD box). We had brought along some peanut butter M&Ms as I found out at New Year that Jackie loves them as much as I do!

After the movie we drove back home through the patchy fog, avoiding the elk who like standing in the road.

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Perfecting our 180's in bowling and on boards

Skittles, shopping and spinning

all seasons in one day -4 °C

Saturday 17th January: Foggy and hard ground

Up early again on our day off for a session on pressure control. The session was fine, except that Dan made us ollie and nollie in front of everyone. I have just started building some confidence on this, thanks to Christian's teaching and being then made to do it on steep terrain, in thick fog, riding on my edge and with a big audience did not make it feel any better, horrid!

Chris in the fog

So I was happy to get down to the bottom and into my home clothes with the prospect of spending the rest of my day riding with just Christian and having fun. It was not to be, Vaughan joined us in the line up and came for a couple of runs with us. It was not so bad, the runs we did together were fun and Vaughan is good to ride with as we all played off the little hits at the sides of the runs. At one point we all lost each other in the fog, partially because it was really thick and the boys are faster than me, partially because I stopped to get photos of the pretty ice forming on all the tree branches. Because of the fog, there is surface hore everywhere at the moment. This is ice that forms because of the misty dew and creates a feathery carpet of ice crystals over everything. It is very beautiful and photos can't do it justice, it even tinkles like tiny breaking glass as you ride through it.

The ice forming on a branch

Looking up into the trees through the fog

The 3 of us then decided to try and hit one of the 4 double diamond runs at the resort. Robinsons ridge looked easy to get to, so we went over to it. Not entirely sure if it was open yet we decided to ride it anyway. It was fun powder through the trees and nothing too challenging until we reached the end. I was first down and the decent in front looked a little steep so I came to stop on the ridge just before. Good job I did as it was a 20 foot rocky cliff with a hard, flat, cat track down below it. We found a safe route down and went in for a rest and a free hot chocolate.

Christian offered to give me another lesson on ollies as we went back out, to prove to me that this morning was bad luck and I can still do them. Happy for the lesson and the opportunity to be alone together at last, I jumped at the chance. But again at the lift line we were joined by friends, this time Eric and Aaron. We warned them that we were planning to desend at a slow pace but the 2 of them seemed happy to join in on the free lesson and so we all rode together. I was glad to find that I could still ollie and even did it off some quite big hits. The run was fun but I wanted to spend at least some of my weekend away from work colleagues.

The sun coming out as we rode up the chairlift

Finally, we were heading up for a run together with no hangers-on, lovely as they are. I think we just know too many people in this town. We went over to the backside and up the Easter chair, where at last the sun was breaking through the fog and giving us some pleasant weather to finish our day in. The sunlight cracked through the trees and reflected in the mist making beautiful sunburst patterns as we rode along, the feathery ice was sparkling and the general cheeriness of the conditions had a positive effect on my riding. For the first time this season we stopped to take pictures of our riding and captured a few jumps and a bit of gully riding.

Sunlight breaking through the trees

Getting in an indy grab

Rocketing out of the sun

Back home for a quick dinner before rejoining our colleagues for some bowling. Knowing both of us have a very competitive nature and our bowling skills are close to zero, we weren't sure if the evening would turn out to be fun or not.

Regal lanes blackout bowling

On arriving, we found that the alleys were five pin and the balls much smaller than we are used to. This was going to be interesting. Most people were just up for a laugh rather than any kind of competition and so we relaxed into the game finding unusual ways to bowl (including left handed bowling and a running spin) and ended the night with low scores and bruised knees but very smiley faces.

Sarah and Jackie trying to look their best!

The team next to us outdid us on the unusual bowling and included, between the legs, hopping, and skipping hand in hand. I was content, however, to have found raspberry and strawberry Bacardi Breezers and had fun sitting back and watching the others try and keep their balls on their lane!

One of the bowling teams

Thanks to a kind lift home from Jackie, we were home before long and back to the warmth of our cozy home.

Sunday 18th January: Getting chillier

Back to the Sunday tradition of lying-in and writing travel blog, we chilled out and got the house looking ship-shape. We had decided during the week to make the trip to Cranbrook in order to do a big food shop at the superstore, with the intention of saving money. In total, the trip took 3 hours and cost us over $300. Not quite the money saver we expected, though we shouldn't need to shop for a good few lifetimes, if there is a nuclear holocaust whilst we're out here, we should be safe.

When we eventually got home and unpacked all the piles of food, we played some LittleBigPlanet to relax. Well I say relax, but spending an extended period of time doing anything that you are completely inept at is more frustrating than relaxing, but Christian made me put the joypad down (probably to ensure I didn't throw it at him), take a few deep breaths and remember that it doesn't matter. Sometimes a competitive nature is not good for ones health.

After a hearty dinner of lemon chicken made with freshly bought ingredients we headed to the bedroom for Lost and sleeps.

Monday 19th January: A chilly fog carpet from the top of the lift with bright blue skies up above

The stroll into work was a cold one for the first time in a couple of weeks. There is a thick blanket of fog over the hill and it did not make riding look very appealing. So instead of going up for an early run, we sorted out more cheap lift passes for when Christian's Dad and brother come over. We missed out! Jackie showed us her photos from the top of the lift and the sky was blue and the sun bright, with the fog sitting in a layer over the valley. At 10 we headed on up and saw it all for ourselves.

Claire riding well on bumpy terrain

The day was uneventful with more lessons with Claire and Zach and at the end of it all we were happy to scurry home for warm cups of tea, a big dinner and slobbing in front of the TV.

Tuesday 20th January: Sunny and foggy, getting colder.

No session as Liana and Dan weren't in. So we did our own session with Chris teaching me 180s. I was throwing front and backside 180s more comfortably by the time we got down and was keen to try them off some jumps later on. We were asked to fill in a session form and so Eric wrote one up describing what we had all been up to - technically Christian has now taken a session!

The foggy carpet we have had all week

The sun above the fog

For the rest of the day we had no lessons, it is pretty quiet again. So we went up the hill for a bit of a group ride and I tried out my 180's. Some of them were going ok and I was trying them on some pretty tricky, bumpy terrain through trees. Perhaps too much too soon as I took a tumble and bashed my shoulder. It was nothing too painful but enough to put me off any more rotations. After 1 more run I was happy to go back in for a hot chocolate, an ibuprofen and a sit down.

In the afternoon I braved it up the hill again but didn't push it too much as I wanted to be able to go climbing in the evening. So we checked out some of the features of the hill that we hadn't looked into too much so far. Vaughan had been riding with Dan the previous day and so took us down one of the runs, pointing out loads of jumps and jibs we hadn't previously noticed. One of which was a wall ride up the side of a shipping container. We approached it nervously but managed to ride away clean having not tried anything very spectacular. We all agreed that we should build some kickers somewhere so we had some more reliable jumps throughout the season. However we were all happy to call it quits early so we weren't tired for climbing.

Climbing in the evening didn't quite work out as planned. We drove down in 3 vehicles and met up at the College of the Rockies just to find that climbing wasn't actually on on a Tuesday! So instead we did a quick stop at a Mexican cantina for some folks to grab a snack and then had everyone round to ours to watch a movie. We watched Pineapple Express and made popcorn on the hob in a big pan. By the time everyone left and the place looked tidy again, it was time for bed.

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The Ski (and snowboard) School at work and play together

Meeting the Mormons


Saturday 10th January: -10

You can tell you are a dedicated employee when, despite it being your day off, you wake up half an hour earlier than a usual work day to be first up the lift for a training session. This is what we found ourselves doing on Saturday morning. So like good little workers we there on time to be taught some more of the advanced teaching techniques. Today we covered edging, a good skill to know considering all of the ice around at the moment. It was a fairly helpful session, which was unfortunately cut short due to 100 small kids showing up for lessons at 9:45.

Christian up early to get in for the session

The sudden influx of tykes was prearranged as the snow school runs a camp over the weekend. As we watched the on-duty instructors struggle to keep order in a knee deep tide of over-excited children, we were kind of glad we had today to ourselves. However, continuing our exemplary employee behaviour we made ourselves avaliable for the 10 o'clock lesson slot as all the other instructors were busy trying to tame packs of tiny snowboarders. Luckily for us all the other customers had been scared off by the kids and we were set free to enjoy the rest of our day on the hill.

We quickly changed into out own gear and headed off up the lift to make good use of our free time. We did this by finding things to jump off. Well, we started off by checking out runs that we could potentially take students down, and then got sidetracked. Most sidetracking of all was when we found a man-made kicker on one of the more challenging runs. It was pretty hardcore and a little too scary to try more than once, in the current icy conditions. After a few runs we had lunch, and were plesantly suprised to find that in Kimberley, there IS such a thing as a free lunch. The lunch consisted of leftovers from the canteen; breakfast pizza (warmed up in the microwave) and a sandwich that was now too old for them to sell. Ok so it wasn't that great, but it was free.

After lunch we tried out a couple more runs that we hadn't got round to doing yet. They were mostly interesting with fun and challenging elements and I was proud to see that Sarah was trying more jumps and getting bigger airs. I've created a new little freestyler. We cut the afternoon fairly short as we wanted to save our energy for nightboarding that evening.

Back at 6 for night riding and we were excited to head up the main chair in the dark, with our boards for the first time this season. Riding down in the dusky glow of the scattered floodlights we soon realised that goggles are too dark for night riding and that we were better off without them. The first run down felt very hard and icy and I scared Sarah by riding too fast. So with the lack of googles and the unforgiving terrain we decided to take the next few rus a little slower and instead hunt out the kickers to hit, down the sides of the run and round the lift pillars. It was fun to explore a run we thought we already knew and find different things to entertain us.

Night Rider

Our last run down before a hot chocolate and home and on the very final stretch I lost Sarah on the run. Fearing that she had taken a fall further up the slope I started hiking back up the hill to find her. However, she was already down below me and watching my antics from lower on the slope. As her waving and shouting was having no effect, she eventually had to call up to some skiiers on the lift and get them to let me know to ride down.

Relieved that we were both ending the night in one piece we drunk our hot chocolate and headed home to watch the pilot of the Knight rider '08 series we have started downloading and eat our pasta dinner.

Sunday 11th January:

Sunday started at a lot slower pace. Having woken up early on Saturday we were fairly glad to get a lie-in this morning. We spent our morning, mid-day, and most of our afternoon reading books and surfing the internet in the comfort of our snuggly bed. However we were eventually forced up by the promise of free food and drinks.

The ski school having fun

RCR were holding a staff party in the resorts main bar, supposedly to celebrate Christmas despite being half a month late. This included a couple of free beverages and a free meal so delicious looking that I couldn't fit everything I wanted to eat on my plate. It was lovely to just sit around and relax with all of our friends, with full bellies and the knowledge that we didn't have to cook or clean up tonight. RCR had also gone to the trouble of booking in a live musician. He often asked for any requests and we were told by a few of the veteran staff that he supposedly knew every song ever. He certainly did manage to take any and all requests in his stride, and even threw in a couple of voice changes and trumpet noises.

Getting their dance on to the live music

Us at the party

As the night wore on we found ourselves drinking baileys and hot chocolate and getting sleepier and sleepier. And so as the last call went up and buses arrived to take the drunken workers onto a local pub we decided to call it a night. The temptation to go out was strong but we knew that at home was waiting the second episode of Knight Rider and our cosy bed we knew so well.

After Mitch knocked his beer in Jackies lap

It was lucky that we did as I ended up feeling quite poorly. Im not sure if it was the food, the alcohol or the over indulgence in them both, but as I crawled into bed, the room started spinning and I knew I was in for a rocky night.

Monday 12th January:

Christian was actually quite ill during the night and I don't think it was due to alcohol, so I was glad when he agreed to come into work for 10 and catch up on some of the sleep he missed. I mentioned his poorliness to Liana and she was happy for him to take the day off to recover. I went home before 10 to tell Chris the good news and check he wasn't feeling too bad.

During the day I had a double lesson with 2 boys who were improving riders and already both turning on the hill. Again it was a chance to use the skills we have learnt in our sessions and it was fun to take them both down their first ever black run on a snowboard.

Christian came in to have lunch with me and though he didn't pick up a lesson in the afternoon, he was feeling much better and I was glad to see him up and about.

The ski school were all heading to the public baths together after work for a swim and a relax in the hot tub, and so we drove down at 6. We brought with us just enough cash to get into the aquatic center and Chris managed to lose 50 cents between leaving the house and getting out of the truck at the pool, he just can't be trusted with money! Jackie brought her little nephew out with her who enjoyed all the new faces and hair (mine got quite a bit of attention). The boys all wanted to show off their bravery going off the diving board and we enjoyed watching them all doing crazy jumps and dives. There were long dives, high dives, bombdives and even a bottom bounce on the diving board by Phil, which resulted in a running lifeguard dashing over to show him the red card! The girls soon followed, somewhat more timidly, and tried jumps of the diving board. I was the first to do a dive and the others followed, with almost all of them being successful. With the confidence built-up I was happy to practice doing front flips with Christian, until a sharp smack on the bottom made me return to the hot tub for some less violent entertainment.

We finished our evening out with some pool volleyball and piggy in the middle, and Christian tried throwing me at the ball in order to reach the long or high passes. Unsurprisingly, it didn't quite work.

Tuesday 13th January: hot and sunny

Another early morning session, this time on alignment in our own riding. As we were walking to work it was still dark with the moon in the sky. But as we rode up on the chairlift the sun cracked over the horizon and we were treated to an "instructors-only" early morning show as the mountain lit up.

Dawn breaking as we head up the chair lift

Training session in the sunrise

The sun stayed out and the rest of the day was hot work. Teaching a double lesson down on the beginner slopes, it wasn't long before the coats and gloves were off and you could see all the instructors running up and down to pick up their various charges, in snowpants and thermal tops. My 2 lessons were with a couple of girls from Poole.

Whilst I did this, Christian and some of the others were doing a recap of the beginner progression, mainly for the benefit of the latest recruits. But having now been teaching for about a month it was useful to watch the way that someone else teaches the same lessons. He had another free period at 2pm and so went freeriding with Eric, Vaughn and Jackie. They built up a jump behind a bench but no one wanted to try it incase they hit the bench. So they moved the bench and checked if they could clear the distance, fun was had and the bench can be revisited on another day.

Christian testing out the bench jump

As we often do at the end of the day, we talked about how our lessons had gone and Christian told me of some of the new teaching hints and tips he'd picked up from the session.

Wednesday 14th January: hotter still

Today was Home School classes again. My class grew again from last weeks odd mix of 3. I picked up the big sister of the little 8yr old boy and a little girl called Leah. It was a challenge to my class management skills as the 5 students were all at 3 different levels of ability and progressing at different paces. So I would teach a couple of them an excercise, set them off and watch for feedback, helping them down a little where necessary, just to turn round and run back up the hill to teach the next ones who have reached the top their excersies and set them on their way. As I learnt at Christmas, this is a great way to lose weight!

Little Leah was a first-timer and was frightened of falling. She fell at one point and when I went over to help she said she thought she was the worst snowboarder ever and started to cry. I told her how good she was doing for her first time and how she was better than lots of grown-ups and she was soon smiling again. Later in the day, I saw her practising by herself and she kept falling over. I helped her out and went up the carpet with her. She commented that she hated the pop music playing and why couldn't they play some nice Christian music like Hosannah (her dad was a pastor) "I couldn't agree more" I said, tapping my foot to the Jason Mraz piping out of the speakers. Despite her solo efforts, Leah soon fell and was crying again and so I used my 'service with no boundaries' tickets for the first time giving her a free hot chocolate and writing on it that she had been very brave to keep trying.

Chris got a student who liked jumping and so got to practice some of the freestyle teaching he learnt last year. It was only his second lesson of the week and so it seems that after SuperJoe the tides have turned and the lessons are coming my way more.

That afternoon, as the 2 o'clock lesson bell came around again we were unsuprised to find that there were no lessons booked in. Following some of Lianas advice from earlier in the week, Dan took us all out for a freestyle session. Dan is one of the veteran snowboard instructors and the only level two other than Liana. At 24 years old he has a more freestyle orientated view of snowboarding and also holds a park instructors qualification. The session was interesting but also faily daunting. Sarah and I were the only first time instructors on the session and the others were all more advanced riders, and when Dan started off by saying "Does everyone know where the tree jib is?", our hearts sank. The tree jib involved a large dead tree branch sticking out of the snow at an angle, and the idea behind it was to ride up the tree branch and then drop off the end. By this point me and Sarah were giving each other desperate glances. But as my turn came around, and having just watched the more advanced riders fall of the tree I started my run in. It really wasn't as bad as I had expected but I have no intention of doing it again, so the glances were alot more cheery as we both rode away unharmed.

The rest of the session wore on with nothing being quite as scary as the tree jib and we were both glad to have advice on how to advance our trick riding. Sarah was also very keen to try her first 'melon' grab and despite falling, she was happy to continue trying it. By the end of the week she was landing them like she had done it a thousand times.

Thursday 15th January: warm and overcast, ("a bit nothingy.. well mostly nothingy" according to Christian)

In the morning we had no lessons and so, as Liana had suggested, I practiced my ollying to improve my jumping. Christian kindly offered to give me a freestyle lesson on ollying. It was of great value to both of us as it gave Chris a chance to teach some of the freestyle material to a real-life student and it gave me an interesting insight to being on the other side of a lesson, in addition to hugely improving my ollying technique. Very chuffed with my progress and grateful to my awesome and sexy instructor, I was happy to get back to teaching.

At 11:30am a pack of cheerful and slightly rowdy Brummies turned up for a lesson. As pretty experienced riders, Dan would probably take the lesson but he took us both up the hill with him as he got the students doing a test run. I ended up picking up the only girl in the group, she was able to turn fine but was lacking the confidence to go for it on challenging terrain. She was about my age and the 2 of us had a good time riding together, correcting her bad habits and proving that she could turn on all the greens and blues. It was nice to see at the end of the day that she was really happy with her improvement.

Christian was one of the first instructors to be subjected to the new 'buy 1 hour get 1 free' deal the snow school was offering, and as such he had a two hour private lesson with 2 more experienced adult riders. He was a bit nervous to take the lesson as it was an up-the-hill class and both students sounded quite advanced, but by using the techniques we had been learning in sessions recently, it ended up really good.

After work, Jackie, Eric and Vaughn (one of the newest snowboard instructors who started last week) came over for an impromptu "S'more-mon party" round our house. The first part of the evening was spent in the hot tub with drinks and snacks. The boys on beer and the girls on gin and tonic. We found that our crisp bowls would float in the water and could be pushed between one another.

Eric, Vaughn, Jackie and Chris in the hot-tub

Floating Crisp Bowls

I had also got the ingredients for s'mores. S'more's are marshmallows, heated over a fire and then stuck between 2 Grahams Honey Crackers with a square or two of chocolate chucked in for good measure. Between 5 of us we couldn't get the BBQ working properly and so we made them over the electric hob, not quite the same but still tasty.

Eric, the professional S'more maker, and his giant marshmallow

In preparation for tomorrow's lesson with the Mormon Hills school, Vaughn told us that there was an animated overview to the Mormon history on youtube and so we decided to watch it. It taught us a lot of things about Mormons, not least that this is not a faith that any of us are likely to turn to at any point in our lives. So, Mormon Jesus's dad lived in space and decided to create a new planet, Earth, and send a load of his many children down to populate it. Lucifer had a bad idea about the decor plans (or something else more serious) and so Mormon Jesus was allowed to manage planet earth instead.

Out of the folks sent down to earth, 1/3 were good Jesus-supporting Mormons, 1/3 were evil fans of Lucifer (who in the cartoon looked a bit like vampires) and the final third were indifferent and for this lack of faith were given dark skin (a little racially controvertial we thought, we'll be avoiding any conversations on race tomorrow). There was then some stuff not too dissimilar for standard Christianity, but then we were surprised to find out that Jesus was ressurected an additional time than in the "Good News" version of things, in order to convert the Americas. More bizarely still, the newly converted red indians had a war with what looked like the Roman Empire. We were getting kind of confused.

Then along came a chap called Joe Smith, who was "known for telling tall tales" according to the animation. However, he allegedly found the secret golden scrolls of the dead Roman empire people and told all the Mormons how they should live - and they were happy to believe him. According to Joe Smith, he is more important and should be more respected than Jesus. So, it would appear he is not hugely modest as well as a bit of a fibber.

In conclusion, if you are a Mormon and you lead a good Mormon life then you will be made gods and given a new planet of your own to populate. So I can see why they are all so keen on being good. The video gave us an eye-opening and questionably accurate overview of the Mormon faith, but not much help on what to expect tomorrow. All we do know is perhaps not to offer free beverage tokens to any of them as caffine is a big no-no so coffee, tea and coke would all be off the list.

To finish off the evening we watched a snowboarding video and then everyone went home to bed.

Friday 16th January: more of the nothingy plus a load of fog!!

In our usually mature snowboard instuctor way, we all greeted each other with a "good mormon" as we gathered at the meeting post. And some people who found the joke a little too funny continued with " there could be mormen in your class than mine this morning", "this kid has snowboarded mormon the other kids" and "looks like there's a s'morm on' the way!". You will be pleased to hear that we did get it out of our systems before any of the Mormons arrived.

I had a very nice girl to teach and who seemed a natural on a snowboard. Cautious to stay away from any no-go topics I asked if her siblings all liked skiing and snowboarding too, she just smiled at me and said yes. Thinking I was on safe ground I asked how many siblings she had, her answer was "I don't really know". It soon became apparent that the school of nearly 100 Mormon kids that had turned up was in fact the offspring of 1 single Mormon family (1 man, many wives).

Both of us had double lessons up the hill for the rest of the day. I was back with the girl from yesterday and was very happy to see her grinning as she told me that the boys had all complimented her on her improved riding that morning. We did lots more exercises together and I used up everything we've covered in the sessions and a few extras of my own. I took her slowly down a black run to prove she could do it and again she finished the lesson stoked and keen for more after the weekend. Christian, on the other hand, had picked up one of my students from last week, Zach.

Zach had been to Kimberley on holiday three times before and had also had two lessons up the hill with Sarah before being passed on to me, and as such, promptly guided me around the mountain telling me where was best to go. Unfortunately, just before the end of the lesson he fell on his knees on the hard ice and bit his lip. This was my first opportunity to use my service with no boundaries cards and when he was returned to his parents he was beaming again.

In our lunch break Liana asked to go through our self-evaluation forms with us and feedback on our performance to date. We were relieved and encouraged to hear that she is very happy with our riding and teaching abilities and finds us strong members of the team in terms of our reliability and involvement. All good news, except that we are hugging and kissing too much in uniform, oops.

After work we went for drinks in the Stemwinder with some colleagues. We only had one each and helped Phil out with a couple of pints he'd been bought but couldn't drink as he was driving. I still managed to get tipsy and on the way home was trying somersaults in the powder. I managed to convince Naomi and Jackie to give it a go too and we all had a good laugh.

Frontflips in the snow

Last night, Christian recieved a much awaited package: a voltage converter. He has been tracking it daily, using it's UPS code, for over a week now and so we were both overjoyed that the wait was now over. Now to most of you a voltage converter may not sound like a very exciting item, but when you are Christian and it is the one barrier between you and LittleBigPlanet, it is the holy grail of modern cabling. So I'll let you all guess what we spent the rest of the evening doing!!

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All quiet on the Kimberley front(side and backside)

The week the vacationers went home and the staff got wet (twice!)

rain 3 °C

3rd-4th January - Our first weekend off!: cold -16

As the weekend approached and the resort began to die down, the promise of a lie-in was begining to look like it might become a reality. So much so, in fact, that we ended up not even going up the hill on Saturday. Instead we had a lazy day of relaxing in the morning and then driving into Cranbrook. I drove us there, as Sarah was feeling like she had been doing a lot of the trucking recently and wanted a break. However it was a much nicer experience than usual as it was both during the daylight hours and not snowing, this meant we got to see more of the scenery than last time and so took some piccies.

The winding road and bridge on the way to Cranbrook

Looking out at the mountain range

Sunday saw us returning to the hill to check out some of the areas we had not been to before. This mainly included the runs around the other two chairs (Tamarack and Easter). Despite being called the backside of Kimberley it was really rather nice and we got in a number of runs before lunch. We were both quite suprised to see what a difference riding in our own gear meant, it mostly came down to not feeling like we were being watched as instructors and so had to do everything right. Our own gear allowed us to camouflage in with all the other guests and have a bit of fun and a muck around.

My favourite part of the day (aside from getting to ride whilst listening to my iPod), was checking out Magma and Comet, two black runs that I'd noticed on the map earlier (not Santas reindeer like Sarah thought). With names like that they had to be fun. They were both steep, powder-covered runs with bumps and trees scattered across them. It was a nice change from the groomed blues and greens we had been riding until now on the front, and felt good to challenge our riding again.

A misjudged ski-jump

Unfortunately we had to cut our fun slightly short and head in for lunch. Earlier in the week Sarah had somehow managed to snap the tightening system on her boots and so was going to have to send them off to see if they could be fixed. In the mean time she was wearing her old, 'size-and-a-half too small' boots to ride in. This meant that her feet were having the blood cut off to them and when we got in and took off her boots frostbite had begun to encroach upon her toes.

A warm meal and some toe cuddling later, Sarah's feet had regained a normal colour. She wasn't keen to put her boots back on again as it could mean more frostbite. So she asked Jackie if she could wear her boots, thinking they were only a half size too large. Wrong! They were half a number larger but in mens sizes and so actually a size-and-a-half too big. She had gone from one extreme to the other and was still finding it uncomfortable to ride. We decided not to try and push it too far and so ended the day early, only a little disappointed.

Monday, 5th January: -10

A normal day at work with the bonus that Liana (our supervisor) has offered to sell me her new boots as she has a knee problem and so can't push her leg into them. They are very nice Burton boots and come with built-in toe warmers so if they fit then they were obviously meant to be! I tried them on and they seem very comfortable, I will test run them tomorrow.

In the evening, a group of us from work decided to head out to the White Swan Hot Springs. The drive there was over an hour in the dark with the last section being on a narrow logging track with a precipice on one side. I said I didn't want to drive (night driving here makes me nervous) and so we got a lift from Eric (one of the new part-time snowboard instructors). The drive was long but far more relaxed as a passenger. The logging track was not too bad and the road was in a good condition.

At the Hot Springs we all hopped out of our cars and headed down a long narrow path to the springs themselves. The clouds were thick, there was no moon or starlight to guide the way and the steep downhill path was pretty icy, so we all held tight to the railings and slid our way to the bottom. With nothing but torchlight, we stood at the bottom of the path, shivering in our coats and hats, as the realisation dawned upon us that we had come down here in order to take off everything but our swimwear! Was this really such a good idea??

Taking your clothes off wasn't really that bad, but the thought of stepping out of my cosy boots to walk barefoot through the snow was not fun. Oh Hell! Let's just go for it. The right attitude I guess, but perhaps a little too gung-ho as I slid down the icy bank on my bottom in only a bikini. Great, humiliation and buttock chilblanes, the perfect way to start the night.

Jackie, having done this before, had bought candles, which she lit and placed in all the rock crevices, and a glow stick, which bobbed around in the water. Some of the others had brought beers and so we settled back in the hot water with the crisp night air on our faces, chatting away and sipping on our Kokanee.

Chris and Sarah at the White Swan Hot Springs

Some of the gang in hot water

There was more than one pool and as the time went by, people disappeared from our pool to a lower, slightly cooler one. Interested to check it out, but unkeen to walk on the icy slopes again, I climbed over the rocks in the dark to get to the other pool. It was much shallower and so everyone was lying down in it. Being the mature bunch that we are we soon started up a game of 'Pass-the-glowstick' between our toes and laughed at the apparent closeness between certain colleagues and there ape ancestors. The game developed from right foot passing, to left foot passing, to passing between both of your feet before passing it on. It got complex and the weaker players were wheedled out. If only Christian hadn't stubbed his toe as a kid. Being sat on the corner, I had the added difficulty of having to swivel round to pass the glowstick and the gravel abrasion on my already abused bottom was getting too much, so I climbed back up to the hot pool before we headed home.

A game of pass-the-glowstick

Having warmed back up, we would now have to cool down, but in an all-together more unpleasant way! Getting out was a challenge, not only did we all have to climb up the ice bank with wet, bare feet but then try al fresco drying and changing in minus 10 degrees. To highlight to ourselves how pathetic we were for worrying about taking our clothes off 2 hours earlier, we were now battling with frozen solid hair and wet feet freezing to the ground (parts of Christian's toes may well still be on rocks by the springs). I think I took the easiest option of putting my towel on whilst still standing in the pool and getting rid of the bikini and drying off in a relatively cosy state. Then just a quick dash before launching myself into Adrian's boots for toe warmth and a quick yet dignified scramble to get my clothes on. Christian chose his usual dawdling method and paid the chilly price.

Back in the car and only a hour till bed. But Eric had other plans! Pulling over, slightly too enthusiatically, to avoid a truck on the logging path, Eric wedged us against a snow bank. As the boys laughed in disbelief that it wasn't budging, Jackie and I got to work trying to dig the tyres free with nothing but bare hands and a broken hockey stick. Despite our best efforts nothing was helping and the boys smiles soon turned into looks of concern. We could have been sleeping in the car if it wasn't for shovel man who had walked back down the road to help us. He smelt dubiously herbal but seemed to know how to get cars out of ditches. We dug like manual workers on Red Bull until eventually we could see all 4 tyres and the underside of the truck. With much revving and strategic team pushing the Jeep was back on the road.

45 minutes later and you wouldn't know anything had happened except for the newly noisy exhaust box and Jackie had no trousers on as they had frozen solid digging in the snow. We were tired yet relieved as we headed home eating frozen Pringles and peanut butter M&Ms.

Tuesday 6th January: -7

Up early, as today is our first morning session (free training for all staff). It was hard work getting out of bed after our late nights digging, but stepping out into the cold morning air as the sun was barely rising soon woke us up. Liana taught us how to teach people to ride that have reached the end of our level 1 progression and are starting to turn on runs on the mountain. We all rode switch as a team, using the steering skills we'd learnt in session and improved lots.

This is the start of teaching level 2 and was particularly useful for Christian as he would have to use it with SuperJoe the unstoppable Welsh boarder that same morning. This boy is taking lesson after lesson with Christian just to get up the hill, as his mum and dad are both ill and at only 11 he isn't allowed up the mountain on his own.

Thanks to Joe we will still have food on the table next month as the rest of the resort is dead and I have only taught one lesson so far with a very friendly Italian guy. It didn't help that the main Northstar lift, giving access to the whole mountain, broke down at lunchtime and stayed off for the rest of the day. Even SuperJoe was thwarted by this.

Wednesday 7th January: +3 rain!

Oh the joy! Rain on the hill! This is bound to encourage more people out for lessons. Oh no it didn't, what a surprise! And to add to the fun it would appear our uniforms are made of sponge! We did however have our first school group arrive. My interesting group consisted of a 16 yr old, a 20 yr old (scamming that he was still a student for cheap lessons no doubt) and an 8 yr old who didn't want to learn. No work was beginning to look more appealing. To add to the fun, the snow that fell last night had the consistency of wet cement and trying to get anyone to sideslip in it was a farce. Christian's was a one-on-one with someone who could already ride a bit, so better than mine, but the kid just wanted to play and not learn. The best bit is that they will be back with us every week for the rest of the term, whoopdeedoo!

It wasn't too bad really and to improve my day I was asked on a date! Jackie had won employee of the month and as such went to a celebration dinner at Kelseys with her supervisor and "date" to join the other employee of the month's from the other departments. The food was good and we got lots of doggy bags for the left-overs (Christian will be able to dine on spicy chicken wings, a steak sandwich and a chocolate lava cake when I get home). Jackie, Sam and I showed up the ski school when the HR lady tried to get quiet to do a speech, we didn't notice and were caught feeding Sam our dessert and him going choo choo like a train.

Watching Mark's home snowboard video in the Edge

After dinner Jackie and I picked up Christian and headed down to the Edge for team drinks and a game of pool. Christian drove as he is very brave and I'm not, with the rain today and the temperature hovering around the zero mark, roads are getting pretty icy. It is official. Girls are rubbish at pool. I barely hit a ball and Jackie can't ever remember if she is stripes or spots. She lined up one hit to pot a spot, missed hit a stripe ball but then found out that here team were stripes after all so it was all OK. The boys on the other hand all play very respectably, whether they play regularly or not, it must be in the genes!

Thursday 7th January: +3

It is bin day and we remembered for the first time since we got here. Thank goodness as the bags were about to walk away by themselves. We slid down the icy driveway, bags in hand, to put out our bins out and go to work, good practice for our stance and balance. But little need for the early rise as again we had a lessonless day (except for keeno SuperJoe who had slogged it through the rain all yesterday too!).

The main run in the morning - that's the Trickle Creek Lodge on the right

We all spent the first lesson freeriding in the powder. We took some of the skiiers over to Vortex, possibly my favourite run so far. It has a wicked, powdery gully, with trees on either side to ride between. It is a fairly tiring run and Phil showed his age when he couldn't keep up with us younger instructors. He even put on a little show for us as we waited for him at the bottom as he fell over on his skis, sliding down the gully on his bottom! It was nice to get out and do some of the more challenging runs and we didn't see a single guest as we rode down together.

Chris then went off with Joe the unstoppable and Hannah and I went back over to the Easter chair for some more black runs and powder. Having taught here last season, she knew the hill and showed me where all the fun stuff was. Flying over soft bumps I got my first decent indy grab and lots of air. We then tried out Geneva, a run far round the back of the hill, and were excited to find that at midday we were still getting first tracks on this secluded part of the mountain. The powder was thigh deep and the terrain steep. We got in lots of turns and found plenty of lips and drop offs for more air. Hannah found the one flat section and I was content to watch her climb through the deep snow with her board off, knowing that I had safely made it through and would be sailing down the hill with her again soon.

Christian was free again in the afternoon and the 3 of us took Mitch, one of our liftie buddies, up to play in the white stuff. The runs were still great fun but as we headed down for our last run we found that the warmth of the day had made the lower hill heavy and sticky. It was like a slapstick comedy with us hitting patches of gluey snow and tumbling over. One time Christian caught the nose of his board and I looked up to see his legs in the air with his head almost buried, Hannah couldn't work out where he started and ended! It was lots of fun, we just hope no one was watching as we looked pretty rubbish.

Friday 8th January: - 4

Our last day of the week and at last lessons have picked up. I got to use the stuff I had learned in session on Zach, a nine-year-old lad from Derby, who I took for a double lesson. In the afternoon, Chris was asked to pose for his first holiday snap with client, SuperJoe who had returned for his final lesson before heading home.

Christian at the morning meeting

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